Wireless Video Transmitter For Homesecurity Systems

Wireless Video Transmitter For Fast Transmission

A wireless video transmitter can prove a handy device for more than one application. It may seem obvious that the devices can be useful when constructing a wireless surveillance system. They can also be used for creating wireless home entertainment systems and any number of other installations that may be simplified by removing the need for wires.

There are, of course, a variety of different wireless video transmitter products that you can choose from though, and determining what to look for can be a very good start toward choosing the best product for your project. Among the major differences that you will likely note when you begin perusing through the market is the transmission speed of the device. This is one of the most significant features that impact performance. Another option to consider is whether the wireless video transmitter can transmit audio at the same time. For some installations audio is a necessity, for others it may simply prove a nice option to have for future upgrades. So, here are some of the many that will give you an idea of what is available.

Wireless video transmitter Model: TR100412/TR100424

This is an example of a rather basic device that is practical for a number of different uses. This device transmits both video and audio signal. It can transmit up to 300 meters in a direct line of sight. Some devices use microwave transmissions to allow the signal to be transmitted through walls and other units have long-distance transmission capabilities.

This particular model can accept up to four separate signals. The receiver allows you to select any one of the signals to output. You can output using either the PAL or NTSC formats for recording or viewing.

Brite-View BV-2500 Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver Kits

This represents one of the new models of video transmitters and it is equipped to send a high-definition signal. It is targeted at home entertainment customers, but if your security system has a high-definition video source and you want no loss of quality you may find this an appropriate wireless transmitter and receiver kit.

This kit features a sleek design that makes it suitable for display as an electronic component. The high-definition price tag may deter purchases by people that do not need it though. This kit was available for approximately three-hundred and fifty dollars at the time this was written.

Leapfrog 2.4 GHz Home Network System

This system makes for a nice combination of home entertainment audio/video quality with a price tag that is practical for surveillance and other installation. You receive a transmitter and a receiver capable of sending both audio and video at the same time.

The design is a bit boxier, but the device may be more practical at around one-hundred dollars.

2.4GHz Long range AV TX/RX Model: TRC3K24/TRC8K24/TRC10K24/TRC15K24

This device represents a specialty niche in the market. This is one of the faster transmission speeds that you will find. That feature is nicely coupled with a long-distance transmission capability.

There are four different models as the title implies. Each one uses a different wattage to send the signal a further distance. Best case models for these models show the 3 watt (lowest wattage of these models) model demonstrating an eleven kilometer distance. The highest watt model (15 watts) was measured at seventy-two kilometers.